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We love working with leaders who are successful, smart, creative, inspired, passionate, visionary and committed to making a difference.  They not only believe they can transform their organizations and the world… they do so on a regular basis.
Carley Huskha



ulumination is a global coaching and leadership development company dedicated to serving both individuals and organizations. We are passionate about creating luminary leaders - those who are ready to ignite, shine and share their brilliant light with the world. 

A luminary leader is one whom brings light and who chooses to share this light for the greatest good of others. They know that when they shine as brightly as possible, they are giving others permission to do the same. They understand that our world and our organizations can only evolve to the point that each individual is engaged and energized to reach their full potential.

Luminary Leaders are not defined by roles or titles. It’s not about where you show up on the org chart, but how you show up.

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